Personal growth in work, education, and life: The „Motivation Improvement Course“

What awaits you in this course?

The course deals with the topic of „motivation“ in different areas of our lives. The first part of the course provides scientific knowledge about motivation. Questions such as “What conditions need to be met so that I can achieve long-striven goals?” or “What causes us to be (un)motivated?” will be examined. During the second part, participants will diagnose their own motivation. In the last part of the course, participants will have the opportunity to draw up their own motivation plan. By developing strategies with regard to personally relevant topics, they are enabled to become more successful in these areas of life and to achieve sustainable changes.


What can you learn in this course?

  • Understand what motivation is and how motivation can be influenced
  • Learn techniques in order to control motivation in a positive way
  • Learn how to diagnose your own motivation
  • Set up a personal motivation plan and control system
  • Optimize personal motivation and performance in specific areas of life

The main content of the course is structured as follows:

  1. Understanding Motivation
  2. Diagnosing Motivation
  3. Fixing Motivation


Course offered by

Professor Klaus Moser

Klaus Moser studied psychology and philosophy of sciences at the University of Mannheim. He received his Ph.D. at the University of Hohenheim in 1989 followed by his habilitation in 1994. He has been Chair of Business and Social Psychology at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg since 1998. His work focuses on personnel selection, marketing and assessment, as well as employee surveys and organizational commitment.

Professor Emeritus Robert Pritchard

Bob Pritchard is a Professor Emeritus of Organisational Psychology and Management at the University of Central Florida. He received his Bachelor’s degree from UCLA and his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. He has worked in the area of motivation and performance in organisations for over 35 years and has published 7 books and over 90 articles on the subject. His award-winning research program has developed techniques for improving motivation and organisational effectiveness that have been used by many organisations in the US and in other countries.