inGENEious DNA – Can we really de-extinct a dinosaur?

DNA-molecules store the information necessary to build and sustain living organisms, they are the molecules of heredity and provide the molecular basis for the evolution of species. The molecular structure of DNA and its physicochemical properties are wonderfully suited to accomplish these functions. Insofar DNA is an inGENEious molecule worthwhile to study and understand.

In this series of online exercises „inGENEious DNA“ we will highlight some aspects of DNA and its properties which are relevant to our everyday life. In each course we will tell you a fascinating DNA-story and we will provide you with the DNA-basics necessary to understand and discuss this story.

In part two of „inGENEious DNA“ : „Can we really de-extinct a dinosaur?“ we will continue with a topic at the crossroads of science and fiction as known from the Jurassic-Park movie. This movie can be considered a part of our cultural heritage, and we will try to, scientifically sound, answer the question whether we will ever be able to make this fiction come true.

Course overview

  • Anbieter*innen: Dr. Heiner Busch, Dr. Arman Vinck, Prof. Dr. Benedikt Kost
  • Anbietende Hochschule: Uni Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)
  • Kurssprache: Englisch
  • Wissensgebiet: Naturwissenschaften

What can you learn in this course?

The participants …

… realize the wonderful correlation between structure and function of the DNA-molecule.

… know a selection of molecular techniques available to manipulate and analyze DNA.

… are able to research and evaluate opportunities and threads of these techniques.

… understand the role of DNA in the evolution of species.

… understand the necessity of high throughput DNA-sequencing projects.

More detailed Learning objectives:

The participants …

… understand the function of DNA in inheritance and evolution.

… know the function of DNA as template for protein synthesis.

… know about the cellular activities that involve DNA, such as replication and transcription.

… understand the stability of DNA-molecules.

… understand the evolution of birds and dinosaurs.

… reflect on the ethical aspects of bringing back extinct species.

Learning goals in competencies

The participants …

… use selected websites and other online resources in order to achieve the above mentioned goals.

… establish a personal learning network of valuable and proven learning resources.