Master in Artificial Intelligence for Public Services (AI4Gov)

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This world-class master’s program will prepare the future digital transformation leaders for AI in the public sector. You will learn how to plan, design and use Artificial Intelligence in the delivery of public services, so as to improve the provision, effectiveness and value of these public services as well as the public sector’s capacity by means of adequate management, knowledge and development of AI-related projects and services.

We expect students that belong to any of the two following groups of professionals:

  • Professionals from any discipline (not only Computer Science) aiming to become functional specialists for the implementation of AI-based services in public institutions.
  • Staff working in public institutions (civil servants, contractors), aiming to complete their education with practical knowledge on how to implement, manage and govern AI-based services.

The overall expected outcome culminates in the education of functional specialists in the application of AI to public services. A functional specialist in AI and public services will not only understand the foundations and state of the art of AI technologies, but also the full cycle for the development and delivery of public services that make use of AI technologies, including design, development, delivery and evaluation.


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