Entrepreneurship & Emerging Technologies

FAU Silicon Valley School

Explore the World’s #1 Innovation Hub

The FAU Silicon Valley School offers high-speed learning as well as unique experiences in the global center of digital technology and innovation: a Silicon Valley entrepreneurship deep dive for leaders and learners!

Together, you will boost your entrepreneurial skills, gain and develop new business ideas, as well as deepen your knowledge about innovation and digitization. High-tier lectures and case study sessions with leading entrepreneurs, business representatives and academic stars as well as exclusive networking events are part of the program, just like visiting exciting companies such as Google, Tesla, Facebook and some of the hidden unicorns of tomorrow.

Our program invites you to become part of an exciting group of industry innovators, entrepreneurial academics and outstanding students – a combination of passion, knowledge and experience enhancing the outcome of your journey to a whole new level!

The FAU Silicon Valley Spring School is a 9-day program with a build-in focus track of 5 days (paired with exclusive after-journey implementation-workshops) for the most busy people among us. So you can choose the timeline that fits your schedule best to enhance your analytical skills,  intercultural competence and creative thinking in a once-in-a-lifetime experience with future digital change makers!

Quick Facts
  • 1 Program – 2 Options: You can choose the timeline that fits your schedule best

    • 1st Option – Full Stay – 9 Days of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Deep Dive
      No further dedicated workshops after the FAU Silicon Valley Spring School is over. Our consultants are however always there to accompany and advice all activities, joint projects and start-ups resulting from the journey.
    • 2nd Option – Focus Track – 5 Days of Intensely Focused Input Combined with 2 After-Journey Implementation-Workshops at your Company
      The focus track combines the shorter stay with two dedicated implementation workshops scheduled after the Silicon Valley Spring School at your company. During these workshops, you will translate your learnings into local practice together with our consultants – perfect especially for industry leaders trying to bring the Silicon Valley Spirit into their own companies.