ESG Management (MTP)

Deepen your knowledge of the challenges and opportunities of sustainability development.

The active integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects into all steps of the value creation process is becoming an increasingly important driver of business success. Important stakeholders such as customers, investors, governmental actors, rating agencies, but also employees, existing and potential ones, expect companies to improve their ESG performance and its disclosure. Our seminar targets all steps of the ESG management process from identifying material ESG topics and related information, its measurement and collection to its evaluation and internal and external reporting. We will also take a deep dive into regulatory requirements, as they considerably determine the data needed, and into organizing ESG management in terms of responsibilities, structures and processes.


Format: Management Training Programs (MTP) with FAU certificate of participation

Target Group: Managers and specialists from different business functions, in particular sustainability management, accounting, finance, investor relations, corporate communications, and procurement.

Key Topics:

  • Understanding the nature and characteristics of ESG data and performance, also in the context of sustainability management
  • Understanding how to meet stakeholder expectations
  • Becoming familiar with legal requirements and ESG (reporting) standards
  • Managing ESG aspects successfully
    • Creating an appropriate institutional setup
    • Determining the relevant ESG topics and establishing materiality
    • Defining ESG related goals
    • Measuring and evaluating ESG performance
    • Reporting on ESG internally and externally


  • Prof. Dr. Matthias S. Fifka, Chair of Strategic and Value-based Management, FAU

Tuition fee: 1.390 €

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Starting on June 18 2024: 4 days on weekens

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