3rd International School on Sandstone Diagenesis (8/2022) – english

The Applied Sedimentology Group at the GeoZentrum NordBayern (FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg) and Geocosm LLC. are happy to announce the 3rd School on the Diagenesis of Silicilastic Sediments. The first and second edition were a success. We received motivated geoscientists from both University and Industry from all over the world. The third edition will be held as usual at the Geozentrum Nordbayern in Erlangen (Nuremberg, Germany). As for the second edition, the school will last for 5 days, from the 22nd to the 26th of August 2022.

The school aims at providing both state-of-the-art and innovative concepts on

  1. pre-deposition controlling  parameters determining the generation and redistribution of sediments within sedimentary  environments;
  2. hydraulic sorting and depositional facies as predisposing factors on early  diagenesis;
  3. relationship betweensedimentology and diagenetic processes;
  4. modeling of compositional data as a tool for understanding and predicting texture;
  5. how sand transforms to sandstone:  controls on mechanical and chemical compaction and the formation of carbonate, clay mineral, and quartz cements.

Theoretical courses will be integrated with practical lessons and exercises with emphasis on data acquisition, interpretation and compositional data processing, and diagenetic modeling for Reservoir Quality prediction, Carbon Capture Storage, and geothermal energy. Guest academic and industry professionals will integrate and enrich the scientific program of this edition from the industry will integrate and enrich the scientific program of this edition.

Registration deadline 1st of June 2022

Quick Facts

Course leaders:

Dr. Luca Caracciolo (FriedrichAlexander University, Erlangen, Germany)
Dr. Rob Lander (Geocosm LCC, Durango, USA)
Dr. Linda Bonnell (Geocosm LCC, Durango, USA)
Dr. William A. Heins (Getech Ltd. Leeds, UK)


Max. 25 including Ph.D. students, postdocs and professionals from the industry.
Basic knowledge on diagenesis and sedimentology would be an advantage.

Participation fees:

Ph.D. students 500 euros
Postdocs 800 euros
Professionals 1500 euros

Registration deadline 1st of June 2022